The BMAT Practice Book


Last year we asked our students what would help them the most. Students were asking us to publish a book, which would make their brain stretch and at the same time provide them with a step-by-step solution when they get stuck. In other words, there are many theoretical books and many questions-only books with answers. But it was difficult to find a good question pack with step-by-step worked out solutions detailing the theory behind the question. That’s exactly what we set out to do with The Elephant Project. This book project is different from the book that all our students receive during the Kan Do Med crash course.

This page enables you to pre-order 400 biology, chemistry, physics and maths BMAT questions and their worked-out solutions. We created this book as follows:

  1. We looked through all the BMAT past papers and noted down the most recurring topics!
  2. Then our team created questions based on these topics so that our students can practice through the questions that they could potentially get in the real exam.
  3. #LetsAceThisBMATExam
  4. Please note that this book is different to the book we give during class. During the 8-hour course we cannot cover everything, hence we created the Practise Question Pack so that students can go through questions & detailed solutions in their own time.

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