Interview Course Leiden

Are you a student applying to study medicine in the Netherlands/UK and your university is using the MMI Interviewing technique (e.g. Leiden)? You passed the BMAT exam, congratulations! Thus, the next step is to get you through the last part of the selection process for getting into medicine. We have Dutch tutors who will be teaching you interview technique and practising real-life questions with you in Dutch! It’s a fact that the more you practice the better you will get at it. Even the most nervous people can get through this rigid procedure as long as you give to-the-point answers.
Eventbrite - Biomedical Admission Test Preparation Course in London on 28th July 2018

We have divided the 4 hours into two sessions! The first session will be a highly interactive one whereby the tutor will give you an overview into the interview process and he/she will teach you about the key interviews skills to possess in order to ace the interview. We will also do some brainstorming together as a group on good-to-know medical topics so that you have substance to talk about when you have an actor-patient in front of you.

As part of the course, you will also get a big pack of interview notes that you can read through at home because we cannot teach you everything in the limited time that we have got on the Course Day! We are an experienced bunch of tutors with years of experience. Let us guide you on your journey to Medicine!

Getting into medicine was never easy. But we hope to make the process as easy as possible. Feel free to have a chat with us during your breaks to discuss any doubts about the medical interview process. Also, don’t forget to bring your personal statements. Depending on the amount of time we have, we sometimes give 1-2-1 interview skills tutoring. So please contact us before 17/18 March, if you feel that that would be a suitable solution for you! Email us via:
Onze docenten hebben de afgelopen jaren al veel studenten voorbereid op de decentrale selecties en staan ook dit jaar weer klaar om jou te helpen. Communicatievaardigheden en motivatie staat centraal. Datum korte gesprekken en opdrachten in het LUMC: 24 maart 2018. Deadline personal statement: 6 maart 12:00.

Extra info about your interview at Leiden (we will follow a similar style interview during our courses)
“Tijdens een serie korte gesprekken op opdrachten kijken we naar je niet-medische vaardigheden, bijvoorbeeld communicatie. Een van de gesprekken gaat over je personal statement. Dit is ook meteen het enige gesprek dat je voor kunt bereiden. Verder willen we juist zien hoe je om kunt gaan met onverwachte situaties. Voor de interviews krijg je een score.”