An intro from the CEO: Why? What?

“Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think” (Albert Einstein)

Once upon a time, we were in your shoes. We were in high school thinking about what to do with our lives. During those confusing moments, when our mind was jumping like a monkey from one branch to the next, a multitude of people helped us: teachers, family, doctors, friends, people we met during work experience etc. Because of them, we got slowly closer to our dreams and aspirations. That’s the beauty of sharing knowledge. It transforms lives. It has the power to help humanity progress. This inspired us to make a promise to reinvest in the society that has invested in us. When we got our offers to study at university, we promised that when we make it, let’s help others to fulfil their ambitions. Let’s pass on the light that ignited the ambitious fire inside us.

We started off with teaching students at home: BMAT, UKCAT, interview technique etc. We only realized how much of an impact we were making when our students started getting into universities of their choices and passing their entrance exams. As medical students and doctors, we were bumping into the students whom we had coached at our academic hospital. There are no words to describe the gratitude in their eyes when they thank us; when they say: “I am here because of you”.

Our next adventure was to kickstart the BMAT training sessions in Holland, the land of beautiful architecture, cycles and inspiring athletes – Dafne Schippers won 200m Gold at the world athletics championships in London in August 2017! Leiden remains our major teaching hub. We are currently using the amazing conference room facilities and at Hubspot Leiden and the simple but cosy facilities at Dalton School, Oegstgeest. We began with 10 students and now we have exponentially grown to such a level that I have lost count.  This year we will be expanding to the UK and other countries which are utilizing the BMAT exam. We are hoping to connect with schools so that we can offer after-school classes at individual schools. If you are reading this and if you would like us to come to your school/country, we will take it as a challenge to reach out to your region. Just pop us a quick email: Remember, there is no way that we can cover everything during the all-day course, but we strive to provide a good introduction to all three sections fo the BMAT and we strive to cover as many typical questions as we can in the limited time that we have got. Most of our students start preparing for the BMAT months prior to joining our courses. The key to success is discipline, to start early with preparation, to practice lots of BMAT practice questions from the official BMAT website and books and to create a good study plan that you can stick to. Students are more than welcome to request for 1-2-1 tuition if they feel they need extra personalised help to prepare them for the BMAT exam. Please request the details and fees regarding this via the messaging system on our facebook page.

Furthermore, we are hoping to connect with schools so that we can offer after-school classes at schools with multiple students registered to take the BMAT exam. If you want us to come to you, then send us a quick email and we will sort out the rest by collaborating with your school.

We have invested a lot of time in every aspect of our course, from creating our own teaching material to choosing our high-calibre tutors and stunning venues. Interestingly, our tutors were once students like you, inspired to teach after entering university with our BMAT/UKCAT/interview help. Hence, if you have altruistic principles, get in touch with us and we can chat to you about joining our strong team! Be aware, there’s a short and sweet selection procedure involved though. But if it’s meant to be you will get through it with flying colours.

One love & good luck with all your dreams and ambitions,
Hoping to help anyone who seeks our help to the best of our abilities.

Shaaji Kan,
UK & Holland BMAT Course organiser,
CEO of Kan Do Med