My name is Wendy Winter and this year I applied for medical school in Leiden. To prepare myself for this, I attended the BMAT summer course and the Interview course. After a lot of preparation, my results were better than I could have ever hoped for. I would like to help others who have the same aspirations as I had by preparing them for the BMAT.

It has always been my dream to study medicine. I wanted to be well prepared so I decided to follow the courses. The teachers were enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. The courses made me feel more confident and helped me to remain calm during the BMAT and the interviews. The teachers also motivated me to practice even more. I am grateful that Kan Do Med BMAT Courses helped me to achieve my goal.

The chances we get in The Netherlands are much greater than the chances people receive in many other countries. Because of our education system, everyone gets the opportunity to become whoever they want to be. I believe motivation is one of the most important things to become successful. I would like to help those who are motivated to study medicine to get the best out of themselves.

I am very patient and have trained myself at speaking in front of a group. During the last two years, I was a member of the debating club at school. This helped me to improve my communication skills and is something I would definitely advise all university applicants to do.

Hoping to see you soon!