In April 2017, I received the final result from Leiden University – I was accepted to the medical program that I dreamed of. Looking back, the impact of the #KanDoMed BMAT Course I participated was overwhelming. By using a non-nonsense approach, the tutors have filled the long hours with useful information and strategies. The things I learned have indisputably paved my way for a better and more efficient BMAT preparation.

I am a student who is extremely passionate about science. At school, I actively participated in the Science Olympics and other extracurricular activities like robotics. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the subjects that interest me the most, and I would like to deepen my knowledge in this field. Besides, it has always been satisfying for me to make science understandable for my (fellow) students whom I tutored.

All-in-all, I appreciate the opportunity to make Section 2 of BMAT less stressful for future (bio)medical students and to help them out in the process of a successful application to medical schools.
I look forward to joining the team this year and I firmly believe that I will make a valuable contribution to the lives of students taking the BMAT exam.