Hi everyone,

Welcome to the BMAT crash course. My name is Lea Wiggers and I’m originally from The Hague, but have both Dutch and British nationality. The secondary school I attended was Dalton Den Haag, but my time there was interrupted by the 6 months I spent at Withington Girls’ School in Manchester, UK, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ever since the last year of primary school, I have wanted to become a paediatrician, because I’m very interested in the development of children’s bodies and the manifestation of abnormalities along the way. In the last two years of secondary school, I went to Pre-University College Leiden, which helped make my dream of studying medicine come true.

Besides studying I enjoy playing the violin and the piano. I recently stopped doing athletics and joined the Lacrosse club in Leiden. As a member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, I organise the very rewarding Teddy Bear Hospital for more than 1000 primary school children to experience what going to the hospital is like. Travelling around the world is also one of my passions. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to experience many different cultures and see beautiful natural treasures.

You must all be quite nervous for the exam, but I look forward to helping you prepare as well as you possibly can. It is great to be able to help prospective students, who have to take the BMAT, in achieving their goals. For the medics out there, Medicine is a wonderful field to enter into and I wish every BMAT student all the best for the exam and your future studies. Stay calm and positive and strive for the best!