My name is Hannah Monster and I participated in your 2016 Summer course in Oegstgeest before doing the BMAT entrance test for Leiden’s Medicine course. I successfully got accepted, with a ranking number of 164 after Round 1, and 234 after Round 2. 
I’m half British and half Dutch; fluent in both, and followed the IB diploma with the relevant subject package: Chem HL, Bio HL, Phys SL, Maths SL (and Dutch and English).
Since I attended the course, I’d secretly already been wondering about how I could become a tutor, so when I heard you were searching for potentials, I was delighted. 
I am part of the BMAT Crash course team, as I feel that with all the effort I put into preparing for it myself, I’d love to pass this on to others. The idea that I could be the reason as to why someone achieves their dreams by helping them get accepted into their Medicine course, is absolutely amazing.